Personal Health, Wellbeing & Detox Coaching

Step into your next level of better health & wellbeing with Jem’s support.

Improving our health, vitality & wellbeing in an effective & long term way often means that we need to make important changes in the way that we live. Health & wellbeing coaching is an incredibly helpful way to support you to make the most useful changes & keep tweaking what you are doing so that the process is easy, successful & constantly improving.

Sometimes it can be helpful to give our bodies a complete reboot in the form of a detox retreat or short term radical diet change, as this will enable them to function much more efficiently afterwards. However, a detox or a diet on their own are not enough! We need to make important, healthy changes to our everyday way of living that will support us to live more optimally in an ongoing way – we need to adopt Lifestyle Changes. The education given during the online coaching is designed to support you to make these lifestyle changes in easy & effective ways.

Online Coaching Now Available Anywhere & Everywhere!

I have been supporting clients on retreats, in clinics & in their own homes for the past 2 decades, however, more recently & especially since the pandemic lockdowns, I now provide most of my support via phone or online mediums in the form of personal coaching to help people like you make the important lifestyly changes that will be most valuable.

Health & Wellbeing Coaching Online

These coaching sessions will help you to improve your health, diet, wellbeing & life-balance by enabling you to adopt new habits, make better choices & develop helpful practices. Regular calls can help you stay on track & support you to make permanent lifestyle changes much more easily than if you were attempting to do it on your own.

Coaching sessions are held online (Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom, etc) or by phone. This format means that getting access to experienced, effective & tailor-made support directly for you & your needs wherever you are is incredibly accessible.

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Bespoke Supported Detox Retreats At Home

24-hour in-residence, tailor-made, holistic detoxes for 3 or more days with your own expert guide.

These retreats are run for you in your home or a suitable setting. As your Personal Detox Coach, I will stay with you for the duration of the cleanse & will monitor, guide, support & advise you each day.

I have been running detox retreats since 2000. I am a multi-disciplinary alternative therapist, practicing Naturopathy & various forms of bodywork & massage, as well as teaching Yoga, Chi Gung & Meditation.

“Having your own Personal Detox Coach makes the whole detox experience effortless.”

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