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Personal Detox Coaching with Jem Friar

– bespoke detox coaching in your own home

24 hour in-residence, tailor made, holistic detoxes for 4 or more days with your own expert guide.

“Having your own Personal Detox Coach makes the whole detox experience effortless.”

These retreats are run for you in your home or a suitable setting. Jem, your Personal Detox Coach can stay with you for the duration of the cleanse & will monitor, guide, support & advise you each day.

Jem has been running detox retreats since 2000. He is a multi-disciplinary alternative therapist, practicing Naturopathy & various forms of bodywork & massage, as well as teaching Yoga, Chi Gung & Meditation.

“I specialized in the field of fasting & detoxification many years ago, when I discovered how profoundly & deeply people could heal, rebalance, change & grow, when on a fully held & supported detox retreat.”

Detox on Many Levels

A properly held detox process will help you detox on many levels – not just the physical. A detox can help you to find greater balance on the emotional, mental & spiritual levels too. Every person is different & every detox is potentially a different experience from the previous one, so which levels you will be detoxing on can vary each time. However, Jem has many skills to support you to achieve the most cleansing, healing & balancing in whichever levels are relevant for you.


But Why Detox? 

Having a proper detox can make massive differences to your health, your energy & your outlook on life.

It is easy for toxins to build up in your system from – poor dietary choices, pesticides in foods, chemicals & pollution in our environment, the normal processes of metabolism, stress, etc.

It is important for our bodies to have a break from this daily build up of toxins & to deliberately, use processes & techniques that can help us reduce & release these toxins.

Symptoms of toxin overload can include: feeling tired, run down, lethargic, stressed, subject to Illness; or suffering from: digestive problems, unexplained rashes, bloating, headaches, poor concentration, frequent mood changes, depression, etc.

Going through a detox process can also be an incredibly valuable way to take time out from your normal life & have a real break, wherein you can truly have time for yourself.

“ Doing a detox in your own home, makes integrating what you learn into your normal life, so much easier.”