Special 30% Discount Offer for Detox Clients

We live in a time of change & upheavel where we are learning to do things very differently. Working or learning remotely & using Zoom or Skype is becoming very common, flying long distances is becoming less appealing & retreats around the world are not presently running.

 In response to these changes & the uncertainty that has ensued I have decided to shift all of my work online, as I believe I can be more helpful to more people in this way. If you have found your way to this page, it is because I have worked with you previously & I would like to make you an offer to honour our connection & support you as you go forwards at a time when you may be missing the support & inspiration that a retreat or workshop may have given you.

If you would like to receive online support, I am offering my online coaching sessions & packages at a 30% discount rate, for a very limited time.

This offer is available until 31/3/2021








Individual Online Coaching Session

This is a 60 minute coaching session given by phone or online. It is a bespoke session tailored to your needs & the specific goals or changes that you wish to attain.

30% Discount means sessions cost £63 instead of £90

Book A 30% Discounted Individual Coaching Sessions

Individual Online Coaching Series of 8

This is a series of 8 x 60 minute coaching sessions given by phone or online. Commiting to an ongoing series of weekly or bi-weekly sessions is a powerful way to easily & effectively make changes in your life .

30% Discount means the series will cost £420 instead of £600!

Group Coaching Series

These groups are valuable ways to make change with community support & encouragement.

Please sign up to discover when the next groups will be.

30% Discount means sessions cost £28 each week instead of £40