Jem’s Heart Meditation CD

This CD is a 35 minute meditation on the Heart & the Heart energy. It is a very powerful & healing meditation to do on an ongoing basis to open & expand our heart energy & thereby develop compassion, self appreciation, connectedness & our ability to love & be loved.

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The Heart Meditation e-book

There is a short e-book version of the Heart mediation available on Amazon. This gives an overview & background to the meditation, as well as some basic meditation tips. The actual Heart meditation is clearly laid out for those who would like to read the words for their meditation practice. Buyers of the book are entitled to obtain a free download of “The 21 best tips to help meditate more easily” guide.
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Coming Soon

The audio book version of the Heart Meditation will be available in 2017.

There will also be a series of inspiring meditation books & audio recordings being added to this page too.



Easy Meditation

 Make Meditation easy by using these music tracks with brain entrainment technology. To find out more & to try a couple of tracks for free, click here.
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                                        Easy Meditation Music

The Heart Meditation ebook