I gained a sense of good health back. I already know what I should be doing but the retreat helped me get back to good health & looking after myself which helps me perform better. It was great to do it at home – more comfortable & relaxed.


(Skunk Anansie singer)

I gained more awareness of the things that I need to do for my body & relaxation. I really enjoyed the meditation & the treatments. I feel good & I lost weight. It was enlightening

Smokin Jo


I enjoyed the personal nature of the retreat & the good company, without it all being too serious. The Detox was very successful for me. I leant a great deal & enjoyed Detoxing in my own home. The treatments were excellent – the best ever!

Angie Risley

Because this was my 4th detox with Jem, I thought that I knew it all! Not so. I have learnt more about myself, the process, supplements, yoga poses & how to make a really great superfood smoothie.

Jem is such a positive & happy person to have around”

Sonja Dinely

I have gained a new respect for my body & health & appreciated the support to give up smoking. Being in this environment with a good mix of relaxation, fun, conversation & mutual support, has been energising & uplifting.

It has been much easier than times that I have done group detoxes. I would certainly do it again,

Johanna Kelly

I enjoyed being at home & detoxing, which was great & much easier for me with a baby. The massages were amazing. I have lost weight, gained a bit of self esteem back & I feel more positive.

Joelle Ellery

The Personal Detox retreat with Jem was absolutely excellent, enlivening & reassuring.

France Carver

Detox Facilitator

I learnt a lot in 4 days! I feel at peace & calm in me. No anger, no pain. I have learnt that yoga is not only something for elderly or esoteric people & I want to learn more.

Peter Matt

I really enjoyed the juices, the info & the treatments. I feel fantastic. Wonderful. Inspiring.

Diane Matt

As a celebrity stylist & lifestyle & image consultant, I usually advise & mentor my clients using knowledge I have learnt over 25 years of working with celebrities & their top fitness trainers, nutritionists & therapists. Working with Jem has opened my mind to different ways of living & eating more healthily, both for myself & my clients.

Ceril Campbell

Celebrity Stylist & Lifestyle & Image Consultant

I have more energy, feel lighter & healthier. I valued being at home with the one to one attention & care. It was more enjoyable than I expected & the massage was one of the best that I have ever had! I feel very positive about detoxing again.

Sally Farmer